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Join our team!


Irrespective of the time you want to dedicate or the energy you have, you can become a member of our team as an invaluable volunteer.


At Cage-Free Greece, we respect and strengthen others, since we believe that each one of us has value and can become an important member of the movement.


We are happy to get to know people who care about the rights of farm animals and perceive the effects of their ill-treatment in our health.


Contact us, follow us on our social media and let's get to know each other and find out how your skills will become invaluable for the cage-free movement.

Provide your services:

You can support Cage-Free Greece by donating your professional or business services.


For example, if you are a lawyer, you can offer your services for free or if you have an electronics store, you can donate a computer.


Contact us to work together to strengthen Cage-Free Greece, with the aim of delivering faster and more tangible results.


You can help the cage-free movement right now as a donor.


Each donation, irrespective of the amount, brings us one step closer to our goal of stopping the hideous conditions prevailing in the egg production through battery cages and the cruelty that the hens suffer in this type of breeding.


You can make your donation to the following bank account at Alpha Bank:

Account name: Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare Federation

Account (IBAN): GR4801401070107002320004333

Notation: Cage-Free Greece